Sales and Marketing Transformation


Iris Interactive is an Independent Software Vendor and a leading provider of proven software which can enable companies to better commercialise new products and specifically achieve: faster launch and market penetration; higher sales, and; stronger brands


Iris Interactive develops, sells and supports innovation management software and is the leader in its field. The company had considerable success in the Pharmaceutical sector, and some in Retail, although its products were very much applicable to many other sectors.


Although its customers are very satisfied with Iris’s products and services and are active references, the company had not been able to capitalise on its advantages. Iris’s marketing and sales activity was characterised by under-investment lack of process, and an informal sales management approach. However, the CEO had a stated intention of quadrupling revenue in 3 years. Achieving this goal had challenging marketing and sales implications.


Iris Interactive engaged BusinesSPM to establish a formal marketing and sales approach to increase sales, boost revenue and profit, and provide a platform for market expansion and continuing growth. The key elements of this solution were:
  1. Facilitation of market strategy development
  2. Implementation of a standard sales approach
  3. Coaching of sales activity.


“Philip [Managing Principal BusinesSPM] is a very dynamic, effective and pragmatic sales coach. It is a real pleasure to work with Philip.”

Christophe Capel, Consulting & Implementation Manager, Iris Interactive

Iris Success case CIO 2