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Productivity Improvement Program - APAC


Oracle Corporation is the world's second-largest software maker by revenue. The company specialises in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products.


In the year 2000, Oracle Asia Pacific (APD) was the second smallest sales Division (ahead of Latin America) but growing strongly each year.


The "top line" results for APD were sound, but the efficiency of the various subsidiaries was variable and in some cases, consider to be quite poor.


The Senior Vice President responsible for Oracle APD directed that each subsidiary be audited for sales productivity and that recovery programs be initiated where performance was poor. Philip Radburn conducted audits of seven (7) subsidiaries and worked with their management teams on improvement programs.


“Philip Radburn [Managing Principal BusinesSPM] undertook sales productivity studies for seven Oracle country operations in the Asia Pacific Division including India, China and Australia. He then coached and supported the local MDs and management teams to implement the identified improvements and worked with Divisional management to standardise key processes. Through this work, Philip made a significant contribution to our sales growth.“

Derek Williams, EVP Asia Pacific, Oracle Corporation

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