Services that boost your business performance!

Business Value Assessment
Is your organisation performing at its peak? Is it capable of achieving long term success even if it is performing at its peak? If you didn’t immediately answer “yes” to both of these questions, the BusinesSPM Business Value Assessment will help you identify where you can improve your capability and top line performance. The Assessment covers the following operational areas:
  • Strategy – Do you create competitive advantage for your Sales and Marketing teams, in markets with the potential to meet your business goals?
  • Sales – Do your Sales and Marketing groups function at the optimum level for organisational peak performance? Are their operations synergistic?
  • Services – Do you create loyal, referenceable and repeat customers?
  • Support – Do your Sales and the other customer facing groups have the business support services they need, at the level of excellence they need, to efficiently and effectively serve your customers?
  • Systems - Do your ICT assets properly serve your employees, suppliers, partners and customers? Are these assets secure? Do they add to productivity or detract from it?
  • Stewardship – Does your organisation structure support value creation and your mission? Does your management approach maximise your performance?
  • Statistics – Do your monitoring and reporting systems tell you all about what has happened and little about what will happen? Do you spend precious time on problems or invest it in improvement?
  • Sustainability – Do you operate in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner? Do your customers require evidence of your commitment?
Business Value Improvement
Following the BusinesSPM Business Value Assessment you will be able to lift your performance through a portfolio of concurrent initiatives. The critical success factors for a sustainable return on investment in such initiatives are: a clearly articulated statement of your objectives; a relevant set of metrics and a supporting measurement system; infrastructure to support sustained performance; and sound project management.
BusinesSPM can help you develop and apply these capabilities.

Customer Feedback and Recovery
Most organisations have a complaints management process and conduct some form of customer satisfaction survey. But do you systematically improve the satisfaction of your customers so that they are ready to buy when your sales person calls?
BusinesSPM has long experience in driving improved business performance by building customer satisfaction and recovering ‘lost’ customers.

Structured Facilitation
Have you successfully identified flaws in your organisation’s performance but not been able to identify and implement solutions?
BusinesSPM’s Structured Facilitation will help you focus on the fundamental causes of your problems and develop “once and for all” solutions to them. Sessions we can facilitate include business problem solving, customer satisfaction analysis, win/loss reviews, and project post mortems.

Project and Bid Management
The perfect solution is of little value to you unless it is implemented on time, on budget, and with the desired outcomes achieved.
BusinesSPM can help you project manage a wide range of projects including software development and/or implementation, business process improvement, customer complaint resolution, marketing campaigns, major sales campaigns and bids.

Quality Management, ISO 9001, Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
Your reputation and continuing success is built upon your ability to operate and deliver in manner consistent with the expectations of customers, shareholders, authorities and the community.
BusinesSPM can assist you at the organisation, function, project and system level.